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Our new Fiber network will support fully symmetrical speeds of up to a Gigabit, with upload speeds matching the download speeds! The equipment upgrades at Ptera Headquarters are now complete – the last step to complete the upgrade is to replace the internet hardware at each house.  If you have any questions about our fiber plans, or if you just really want to be the first home in the Inland Northwest with a true gigabit connection, please call the office at 509-927-7837 to talk to an account specialist.

The benefits of internet services from Ptera

Our network has been built from the ground up to handle today’s heavy demands for streaming movies, shows and music. Therefore, even our entry level plan supports High Definition (HD) content. We know how important the internet is so if you’re having issues with your connection despite our industry leading reliability, we’ll have a live voice to help you at any time of any day.

Ptera offers the features you need:

  • Streaming speed connection
  • Watch HD Netflix, Youtube
  • Listen to Pandora, Spotify
  • 24/7/365 live support

Power Fiber

• Up to 50Mbps download
• Up to 50Mbps upload


Performance Fiber

• Up to 100Mbps download
• Up to 100Mbps upload


Premium Fiber

• Up to 500 Mbps download
• Up to 500 Mbps upload


Gigabit Fiber

• Up to 1 Gbps download
• Up to 1 Gbps upload


Are you ready for Ptera Internet?

A one time set up fee is required at the time of installation. The cost is typically $125 but could be more depending on individual factors. For existing customers, an upgrade cost per home of $150 will help cover the cost of installation for the new gigabit media converter and POE injector.

 Plans quoted above may not be available in all areas.

All services are subject to our internet service agreement and terms of use found here.



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