Fiber Construction FAQs

When we plan to add fiber to your specific location, you’ll receive multiple communications like door hangers and mailers.

  • Days before construction, crews will place door hangers on doors or porches to let you know that Ptera’s construction crews will be in the area 
  • Later, as construction is finished, we’ll notify residents and businesses that have signed up for the waitlist that we are ready to get them hooked up! We will also notify residents through mailers when fiber internet is available in their locations.
  • To stay up to date about construction activities near you and to sign up for the waitlist, please check your address and sign up for the waitlist. 

Timelines vary based on a number of factors:

City planning and neighborhood layout

  • The easier it is to access utilities and property easements (these are right-of-way or shared access points in a neighborhood) the more efficiently we can complete each phase of construction. Complex street designs or limited access points can slow a crew’s progress.

Weather and unexpected natural obstacles

  • Rain and bad weather can stop or slow any kind of construction project. Fiber installation is no exception. ordinances.

We’re planning to have most of Cheney hooked up with fiber by the end of the year!

When work is happening near your house, it’s getting close! Service will be available for installation once a group of around 100 homes or businesses are collectively connected to the systems and we’ve completed testing. Ptera will attempt to contact you as soon as possible so you can schedule installation at your address if you have signed up for the waitlist.

The city owns small but specific portions of your property to access and maintain city utilities. We work with the city to access these areas as we build our fiber network.


A utility easement allows a utility the right to use and access a specific area of your property for constructing, operating and maintaining telecommunications, gas, electric, water, and sewer lines. The easement is often a permanent restriction on the property so that it transfers ownership with the home or property when sold. Having an easement gives the utility the right to use the land, but the utility does not own it.


A “right-of-way” is the surface and space above and below any real property in the city in which the city has an interest as an owner or trustee for the public for public travel including public streets, highways, avenues, roads, alleys, easements, sidewalks, tunnels, viaducts, or bridges.

Construction crews may need to access easements on your property. Here are a few ways you can determine if you have an easement and how to find it.

  • Check the legal description of your property on the deed. If you don’t have a copy of your property deed, you can reach out to your county clerk to order a copy.
  • Try reaching out to your utility company to ask if they have easement information for your property.
  • The zoning or mapping department is responsible for keeping records for your area and may be able to provide information about easements on your property.
  • You can also hire a title insurance company or private title searcher to provide a comprehensive report about easements.

In parts of Cheney, there are lots of utility poles in backyard easements. If you have utility poles in your backyard, we will likely need to send our crew to climb the poles in order to run the new fiber lines and install necessary equipment on the poles. We should only need in once or twice and should be relatively quick. We will also make sure to leave everything the same way we found it! 

If you have pets, especially ones that like to escape or aren’t great around new faces, we’d recommend you bring them inside. Feel free to give us a call to let us know that you have pets in your backyard and we will do our best to give you an accurate estimate of when our crews will be on site, and make a note to be extra careful and check in with you if you’re home at the time.


If you have other concerns not related to pets, we’d be happy to do our best to address them if you give us a call!

Well first of all, you will have access to some of the highest speed internet in the country at some of the most affordable rates, especially for Cheney. 


As a side benefit, according to a study done by the Fiber-to-the-Home Council, the availability of high speed fiber to a home can increase its value by as much as $5,400 due to the long list of benefits provided by high-speed internet. The cutting edge nature of the technology also ensures that it is future proofed for the next several decades

Please check your address here and sign up for the waitlist or call us at (844) 667-8372 so you can be one of the first people to get installed once we complete construction.

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