Broadband Nutrition Labels

Broadband Nutrition Labels provide transparent information about internet speed and pricing. 

Broadband Nutrition Labels are a requirement from the FCC to create transparency around internet speeds and fees going into effect in 2024. Just like a food nutrition label, the Broadband Nutrition Label provides easy-to-understand facts to help consumers make informed decisions.  

Broadband Nutrition Labels include upload and download speeds, data limits, latency, monthly pricing, promotions, discounts and fees. They also provide transparency around including “junk fees,” hidden or surprise costs that some companies tack on to their services, which cost Americans millions of dollars a year.  

At Ptera, a Ziply Fiber company, we embrace this new requirement, because we’ve always believed in providing fair and transparent internet service. We won’t confuse you with bundles, lock you into an annual contract, or surprise you with activation fees or other sneaky costs. These new labels will just be another proof point that our speeds, prices and fees are exactly what we tell customers from the outset.  

Residential Internet Services Labels

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Small Business Internet Services Labels